Portland, Oregon, United States

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Get your very own 1 of 1 custom sneaker designed! Custom footwear is not limited to professional athletes and celebs. SQ Customs strives to make superstar level custom footwear accessible to everyone! 
	Email or Chat Message if you have any questions
	Sneakers must be in NEW condition
	Make sure to input the custom theme you are requesting in the note
	Shipping instructions will be sent upon with order confirmation                                     

Send in your own sneakers to have customized with a custom art theme of your liking. All sneakers are prepped and painted using premium materials and will ship within about 4-6 weeks of receiving.

*Birthday Sale* Send in Sneakers for Customization

$210.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
Send in:
  • Shipping information will be recieved with order confirmation email. For customers shipping the base shoe from an online site I always suggest shipping directly to me from the website so you don't have to pay for shipping twice. If you are planning to order online contact me for shipping information.