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You are purchasing a raffle ticket/s for the oppurtunity to win a pair of Kobe + GiGi Bryant + Mamba Acadamy Tribute themed custom Nike Air Force 1s and a Special backlit display case from ShoeKong.com. All proceeds going to Mamba Acadamy.


Each ticket is $5 

ALL proceeds will go to the Mamba Acadamy and related charities (Proof will be provided)


On January 26th, 2020 we were all rocked by the sudden loss of an Icon, his talented daughter and several other wonderful souls in a tragic helicpoter crash. Two weeks later and the news has still not quite sunken in. Personally, this tragedy has shaken me and it has taken sometime for me to truly belive we have lost the legendary Kobe Bryant and his promising young daughter GiGi. 


As a baskeball player and coach, I wanted to use my artistic talents as an outlet for the grief many of us are going through with the recent news. I recently reached 30k and as I was planning on doing a giveaway for this milestone, I decided to do something that can benifit the families struck by the tragedy instead.


I will be raffling off these custom Air Force 1s and all proceeds will be going to the Mamba Academy and related charities. The winner will be chosen at random with a random name picker. The drawing will be held live and the winner will get the sneaker in the size of their choosing. The sneakers will also come with special, backlit display case that will both showcase the art and protect it from oxidization. The special Superbox will be provided by my partner shoekong.com


Raffle ends 2/24 and results will follow

(Raffle) Kobe + GiGi Byrant & Mamba Acadamy Memorial Nike Air Force 1 Low

  • You are purchasing a raffle ticket (or tickets) to win a custom pair of Nike Air Force 1s and display case tributing Kobe & Gianna Bryant and the other victims involved in the tragic crash on 1/26. Each ticket is $5.

  • All Proceeds will be donated to the Mamba Acadamy and Mamba on Three foundation.