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What does "1 of 1" mean?

1 of 1 means you are the only person on the planet who will have this design. I will never create the same design twice. I may take inspiration from an old design but every custom will have its own unique spin.


Order Checklist

  • Write Description of Theme/Design
  • Choose Slip-On or Old Skool Low
  • Choose Your Size
  • Choose Gender Sizing (Men or Women)
  • Choose Design Tier (Value, Modern, Detailed)
  • Choose Standard or Rush ($40) service


Design Options:


What is considered a Value Design?  $240

The "Value Design" is a clean, stylish custom using 1-3 colors with no graphic design and minimal text. It can also be a basic graphic, logo or wording with 1 color. The Value Design option is my way of making high level art accessible to a wider audience


What is considered a Modern Design? $260

The "Modern Design" option gives you premium design flexibilty. You can use up to 5 colors in the design scheme. Whan to add graphics? You can choose a basic to moderate graphic to complement your theme choice. You can also add text to the design to take it to the next level!


What is considered a Detailed Design? $280

The "Detailed Design" is all the bells and whistles! This is the go to option if you want a graphic or character theme.


How do you determine your prices?

Price is determined by four things; cost of base sneaker, materials, degree of difficulty in design and time it takes to execute the design.


How does the process work?

Once you go through checkout and place your order you will recieve an order confirmation via email. The sneaker base will be ordered and go into my workflow queue. Once your order comes up in the queue it will designed to your specifications and shipped to your address.


How long will it take to get my sneakers back?

  • Standard Service option will see your sneakers returned in about 6 weeks. Here at SQ Customs, patience is always appreciated as I am the sole operator of the business. If you have any questions throughout the process you can always reach out to me. If you want to see your kicks a little faster you can spring for Rush Service for a fee of $40. Rush Service will see shipping in about 14-17 business days.


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Custom Vans Slip-on/Old Skool Low (Any Size)

Standard/Rush Service
Design Tier

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